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  • Vasista

    I was really Impressed with the quality of the work that i recieved from Chittha Art Studio. I love knowing that i am supporting artists from around the world.

  • Rohini

    I would definitely recomended Chittha art studio, Thanks for a great Experience.

  • Rashmi

    Chittha Art is a brilliant innovation, particularly for collectors. the quality of the work is very good and i am happy with their work.

ABOUT FOUNDERChittha Art Studio

Mr Jeenendra Jain M.M


Young artist Chitta Genendra from Shimoga district showcasing new ways to perform shows by displaying the decorative factures of Croft ResearchIn the hope.This show has two main types of facture, with the appearance of his person.Their drawings of edgy lines that gently polish the forms of design, such as vines with natural forms, are a good example of their maneuvers.

These are really sedentary when the precise, sharper lines are susceptible.If the simplified beaks are in positive space as the artist's impression on the scenes in the show, it is noteworthy that Negative Space has been left empty.The eyes of the onlookers do not leave the brain and give them a sense of excitement, emotional feelings, and their guru's late sr. Venkatesh is an artist in which he believes in art, praising it as a Guru Dakshina.